Customer Service

Customer Service

G-High Carbon, as one of the largest Calcined Petroleum Coke and carbon additives manufacturers in China, provides professional, detail-emphasized and individualized service to customers at home and abroad. As the market condition is changing ceaselessly, G-High Carbon, by building strong and solid marketing and serving system, is spending every effort in overcoming difficulties and achieving improvements in each link as raw materials purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, transporting, after-sale service, etc., so as to firmly practice the promises made to customers, and to try exceeding the customers’ expectations. G-High Carbon is now creating even better service to return to customers.
G-High Carbon develops the concept and computational formula of Granule Permeability, Instantly Smelting Rate and Absorption Rate to save various customers’ costs, guarantee the quality and offer the best choice of specialized carbon raiser.
More importantly, the building of G-High Carbon marketing system helps fulfill our promises to customers, which is to always support them, to relieve them of worry about carbon raiser, and to enable them to make profits.

Concept of Service

G-High Carbon harbors deep respect and sincere consideration for customers, and always aims to create more value for customers and to exceed their expectations.

Professional Service

Systemic Customer Asset Management software and Financial Management software are efficiently used and specialized knowledge related to the production and application of G-High Carbon products are offered, so that G-High could render more professional service to customers.

Detail-emphasized Service

Every detail in each link of the whole producing process, every round of communication and every word G-High Carbon promises to the customers are regarded as the most precious chance for G-High Carbon to embody the service concept and to raise the service quality.

Individualized Service

G-High Carbon deeply respects and understands customers in culture, customs and thinking mode of different countries and explores their special needs so as to render service beyond customers’ expectations.

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