Value-added Service

Value-added Service

G-High Carbon, by doing more extra services, helps customers conquer exceptional difficulties and satisfy especially urgent needs to fulfill or even exceed their expectations and thus create more values for customers.

Case 1


On February 2nd of 2008, Customers' Service Department in G-High Carbon suddenly received a call from John in some International Trade Company of Korea, which had imported Calcined Petroleum Coke from G-High Carbon several times. He hurriedly told Mrs. Wang that because of the badly conveyed production messages, their end user in Iran wanted the products to arrive three days earlier, otherwise lacking in Calcined Petroleum Coke (Carbon Additives), the Iranian steel company would have to stop production.


G-High Carbon had finished arrangements of transportation according to John's former request and had asked the trailer to arrive at G-High Carbon on February 11th. G-High Carbon has met with some difficulty while arranging this because of the Lunar New Year on February 7th, which is the most important holiday for all Chinese to gather together in their own big families. If the transportation is done three days earlier, it means on the second day of Lunar New Year the trailer owner will have to start to work. Even if G-High Carbon offers them more money for the same amount of work, they maybe would still say no.


After receiving John's call, Mrs. Wang patiently told him what difficulty G-High Carbon would meet if the transportation date suddenly changed, and then she immediately told him that G-High Carbon would try the best to solve this and would phone him back the same day with the final solution. Then she phoned the transportation company and explained to them the real situation of the Iranian end user. After getting her manager's agreement, she promised the company whoever helps send the goods to Dalian Port on the second day of Chinese Lunar New Year will get double transportation fees. After making sure that Mr. Mah will be in charge of this, she had a talk to him, thanked him for his help and kept his telephone number for future contact. At last, she phoned John back and told him in detail how G-High Carbon solved this. John was thankful from the bottom of his heart and said he would like to burden the extra transportation fee. Of course, G-High refused.

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