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Geographical Advantages Help In Timely Delivery Of G-High Carbon Raiser

24 January 2022
The longest 10-lane highway in China will be constructed in Panjin, and G-High carbon raiser will...

G-High Carbon Raiser Contribute To The Aerospace Industry

21 January 2022
G-High Carbon delivered a truck of carbon raiser today, which would be used in the manufacture of...

G-High Carbon Raiser Escort You Home Safely

20 January 2022
The Spring Festival travel rush is about to begin, and safety has become a top priority. G-High c...

Focus On Market And Care About Customers

19 January 2022
Focus On Market And Care About Customers  

G-High Carbon Raiser Contribute To The Construction Of Pipeline Engineering

18 January 2022
Through continuous improvements of the production process, G-High Carbon raised the production le...

G-High Carbon Raiser Help In The Production Of High-end Special Steel

17 January 2022
In recent years, the metallurgical industry has been developing rapidly in China. More requiremen...

Zhang Peng - Learn To Do A Good Job

14 January 2022
The highlight in G-High Carbon today is Zhang Peng, who is the person in charge of equipments, an...

G-High Carbon Contribute To Infrastructure

13 January 2022
In recent years, China has been dubbed "An Infrastructure Giant" for a series of big infrastructu...

Commendation Conference Was Held In G-High Carbon

12 January 2022
G-High Carbon commended the outstanding departments in 2021 today.

Standardized Management Ensure Accurate Delivery Of Carbon Raiser

11 January 2022
The Highlight in G-High Carbon today is the placement of carbon raiser products in G-High worksho...

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