Company news

Tasks Scheduled

24 June 2022
G-High Carbon had all the important tasks carefully scheduled to ensure the timely production and...

Repair Equipment

23 June 2022
The technicians in G-High Carbon repaired  the equipments on June 20th to ensure the smooth opera...

Customer Visit G-High Carbon

22 June 2022
The customers visited G-High Carbon and showed full recognition to on-site management.

Make Improvements

21 June 2022
G-High Carbon strengthens the standardization construction, and improves employees’ ability to do...

Roses Bloom In G-High Carbon

20 June 2022
Roses are blooming fully and romantically in G-High Carbon in June.

On-Site Inspection In G-High Carbon

16 June 2022
The Production Department inspected the whole producing process and grasped the true situation of...

A Picture Of G-High Carbon

15 June 2022
This was what the quality inspector saw when a truck of carbon raiser left G-High Carbon.

Why Should Brake Discs Be Checked Regularly?

14 June 2022
Due to the improper selection of carbon raiser in the production and manufacturing process of the...

Trim Trees In G-High Carbon

13 June 2022
From the beginning of summer, the trees have become lush. The employees of the Support Services D...

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