"Be Economical, Be Contributive"Carried Out

11 March 2009
June 5th, 2008Background and Goal:Along with the expansion of Ghigh and bigger production tasks, ...

Will Ghigh Carbon Keep Losing Profits Like This

11 March 2009
June 4th, 2008On hearing the news that raw materials' price has been raised by 400 yuan suddenly ...

Customers Visiting, New Plant Constructed

11 March 2009
April 24th, 2008The clients visited Ghigh Carbon on April 23rd. The Marketing and Production Mana...

Customers Visiting, Products Quality Praised

11 March 2009
The clients led by the chairman of the company Mohammed visited Ghigh Carbon on April 22nd after ...

New Employees Absorbed, Better Development Expected

11 March 2009
After a period of nearly three months of successful recruitment, the new staff will be admitted i...

Increasing Producing Efficiency And Meeting Customers' Needs

11 March 2009
At the moment of the starting of a new financial year, the Production Department has welcomed big...


11 March 2009
As a fast growing company,Ghigh wants to recruit some employees participated in our big family.Th...

The Leaders Of Bureau For Environmental Protection Visiting Ghigh

11 March 2009
September 1st, 2008The leaders of Bureau for Environmental Protection visited Ghigh Carbon on Aug...

Ghigh's Principle Of Employment--Company Puts People First And Employees Put Morality First

11 March 2009
On the morning of November 30th,Ghigh hold a meeting to employ the people owned capability and in...

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