The Ways To Ensure Quality

26 July 2021

From selecting raw materials to delivering calcined petroleum coke and graphite petroleum coke to customers, everything in G-High Carbon is done to meet the requirements of the operation and management system and the ISO9001:2015 system, so the carbon raiser that G-High Carbon produces is GOOD TO THE LAST GRANULE. 

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18 September 2021

Register Purchased Goods According To Standard

The Purchasing Department in G-High Carbon bought office supplies listed in the purchase declare ...
17 September 2021

G-High Carbon Raiser Specially For Grooved Fittings Of Fire Protection Help Improve Performance

The Sales Department got the order of G-High carbon raiser specially for grooved fittings of fire...
16 September 2021

G-High Carbon Raiser Specially For Harvester Bearings Help Develop Modern Agriculture

In the golden autumn season, farmers meet the biggest task in a year. The harvesters play an impo...

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