Specialized G-High Carbon Raiser for Brake pads

Specialized G-High Carbon Raiser for Brake pads

This kind of carbon raiser, with orderly microstructure and scientifically designed sizes, can keep the friction coefficient of brake pads steady, which will greatly reduce the probability of brake failure due to brittleness, and enhance the security performance.
Customized solutions

Detailed models and specifications are as the following

Size conversion reference:

    1. Waterproof jumbo bags: 800kgs~1100kgs/ bag according to different grain sizes;

    2. Waterproof PP woven bags / Paper bags: 5kg / 7.5kg / 12.5kg / 20kg / 25kg / 30kg / 50kg small bags;

    3. Small bags into jumbo bags or onto pallets: waterproof PP woven bags/paper bags in 800kg ~1100kg jumbo bags or onto pallets.

Besides our standard packing above, if you have special requirement, please feel free to contact us.

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