Carbon Additive

Carbon Additive G-HIGH carbon additive is made of high carbon material and customized as the special orders for certain casting furnace. It has high carbon content, low ash and high absorptivity. Its high performance price ratio makes it identified as many customers' first choice. Carbon Additive G-HIGH...

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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide G-High Carbon silicon carbide deoxidizer, as a kind of high performance compound deoxidizer, can replace the expensive traditional deoxidizer, such as ferrosilicon powder and alloy powder. With the advantages of rapid deoxidation, early slag formation, strong reducing atmosphere, rich...

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Electrode Paste

Electrode Paste G-High Carbon Electrode Paste is used as the electrode for self-roasting in the iron-alloy furnace or the acetylene furnace. Electrode Paste is produced from Calcined Petroleum Coke (or Calcined Pitch Coke), Calcined Anthracite, Coal Tar Pitch and other additional materials. It is...

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Graphite Petroleum Coke

Graphite Petroleum Coke As the raw material of G-High Carbon graphite petroleum coke, calcined petroleum coke is put in the graphitization furnace to be graphitized under high temperature. Sulfur and ash contents are removed during this process. It is also known as artificial graphite, and called...

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Reducing Agent / Reductant

Reducing Agent / Reductant G-High Carbon calcined petroleum coke are used in the producing process of titanium dioxide, titanium tetrachloride and titanium sponge as reductants. Reducing Agent / Reductant G-High Carbon calcined petroleum coke are used in the producing process of...

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